Humanizing the Retail Experience

Experiential Shopping Lives Offline
Retail Is Not Dead
Bryan Laing
VP Client Services
Why physical and digital are not at war.
Retail Is the Ultimate Social Platform
Alexis Vera
Executive Creative Director
Through the ages, the market maintains its place at the core of social interaction.
Bird's eye view visualizing the latest visual merchandising trends
Resonating Across Channels
Peter Beck
EVP Client Services
A brand’s guide to cultivating the inspired consumer at retail.
A light fixture in IDL's Portland office
Amazon Books: No Longer Just for Web
Chris Baldwin
VP Client Services
A visit to Amazon Books - The digital brand gone rogue.
A lineup of colorful boom boxes
Humanizing the Retail Experience
Alexis Vera
Executive Creative Director
How online shopping has breathed new life into brick and mortar.
Brainstorming visual merchandising trends and ideas
Experience Over Artifacts
Kevin Peters
Director of Operations
In a shifting retail landscape, experience matters more.
Sketching on a tablet
On Industrial Design
Jeffrey Brummer
Senior Creative Director
Personal reflections on the versatile field of industrial design.