3 Nike shoes on display behind a De La Soul inspired backdrop

Do as De La Soul Does

De La Soul Product Launch Hits a Hip Hop Dunk 

Iconic elements of hip hop, skateboarding & basketball celebrate the De La Soul legacy.

For the De La Soul Dunk promotional displays, Nike SB pulled creative inspiration from the iconic hip hop group’s 1989 album cover for “3 Feet High And Rising,” a funky, genre-bending album.

A whited out boom box and other retail props

To capture the psychedelic-wordplay magic that the De La Soul legends were known for, the team created a massive wall of white-washed sculptures that incorporated speakers, vintage boomboxes, skateboards, basketballs, turntables, vintage vinyl records and the signature De La Soul flowers done in neon.

IDL was then charged with going deeper on the initial concept to scale across six promotional displays in New York City for NBA All Star week. Incorporating defining elements of hip-hop, skateboarding, basketball and iconic New York further connected the promotion concept and the Nike SB brand to the city.

De La Soul is not dead.
The Nike De La Soul shoebox next to De La Soul inspired flowers

IDL designed, produced and provided installation support for the concept, which was reconfigured to fit within multiple unique spaces with varying footprints across New York. The IDL team spent days sorting through eBay listings and sifting through vintage stores to outfit the white-washed sculptures. The collections of found objects gave each retail display a unique vibe, reflecting the playful lyric style of De La Soul’s debut album.

Like the music De la Soul is known for, these installations were crafted to be lighthearted and clever, paying homage to the respected hip hop legends by portraying the upbeat and unexpected.

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