A mountain inspired retail fixture in The North Face store

The North Face Moving Mountains

A Retail Fixture to Test the Unknown

Summiting a mountain is serious business. The North Face knows this and outfits their backpackers accordingly. With this fierce commitment to the summit in mind, The North Face re-released their premium Summit Series, a line of elite alpine equipment designed for the coldest places on earth.

Sketches of The North Face retail fixtures

To help bring this story to life, IDL was asked to design and build custom fixtures that embodied both the adventurous spirit of icy mountaineering with innovative technical supplies. The North Face Himalayan Summit Series test climb provided inspiration for the in-store presentation.

Commit to the summit
Image of a mountain inspired retail fixture for The North Face store

The designers imagined a crag-like mountain, with a trail that meandered around the mountainous ridge as clouds pelted it with rain or snow from both directions. From this vision, they created an impactful fixture meant to hold a refined yet variable selection of merchandise. Scarcity was key for the Summit Series relaunch.

IDL talent was pulled from around the world to come together as a highly connected team in a global capacity: Account management in Chicago, project management in Portland, design teams in Portland and Pittsburgh, engineering and prototyping teams in East Butler, Pennsylvania, and final production management in Shanghai, China.

Moving mountains with global collaboration
A mountain themed retail fixture in The North Face store

Once completed, the fixtures were then installed in 347 stores globally. IDL’s Portland-based 3D team created a 3D-rendered assembly video guide, which allowed for easy and efficient retail fixture installations around the world.

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