A set of Starbucks wicker basket Point of Sale Displays

Nailing the Aesthetic

Starbucks Reimagines a Global POS Fixture

A quest for the perfect material.

When Starbucks looked to reinvent their wicker baskets used at the point of purchase with the goal of driving sales at the POS and increasing units per transaction, the coffee giant engaged IDL 

to help design, engineer and creatively craft their vision of the perfect POS display. Their musts: The baskets' aesthetic cannot be too nautical or too rustic and the materials be sustainably sourced.

Redesigning retail: A focus on detail.
IDL has distributed 85,000 responsibly sourced wicker baskets to date to various Starbucks locations


IDL worked with Starbucks to explore materials and processes and ultimately create these new rope baskets for all store formats worldwide. To date, over 85,000 units have been produced and deployed across the globe. 

A story of sustainable sourcing

Ethical sourcing is one of Starbucks' primary tenets and objectives, allowing IDL to use stringent labor standards for the production of the baskets and stands. Many of the materials were chosen for their renewable nature and natural aversion to pests, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals and pesticides in the coffee shops.

Striking a balance between form and function.
A Starbucks wicker basket being handrafted

To ensure consistency and availability, IDL established grower-level agreements for the raw materials, which are harvested seasonally in a remote region of inland China. Then, our Shanghai team researched and prototyped more than 20 different methods of weaving, dying and harvesting rope to ensure the right aesthetic was achieved.

Coffee grounds nested in Starbucks new wicker basket POS Displays

A Global Effort

Using our global resources, we were able to provide one of the world’s most powerful brands with a critical element of their physical space, finding that delicate balance between form and function to create the perfect point of sale display.

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