A Punk themed Shop in Shop, Pop up Shop hybrid inside of a Sunglass Hut store

Restyling Sunglass Hut's SoHo Flagship

Shop-in-Shop meets Pop-up Shop

To celebrate Sunglass Hut’s SoHo flagship store redesign, IDL imagined and executed a series of curated, rotating shop-in-shop meets pop-up shop experiences. The three sequential iterations were a graffiti-drenched studio, an insider’s view of London’s punk scene and a fashion-blogger approved walk-in closet, all grounded in the Sunglass Hut brand. 

Mr. Brainwash brings graffiti into the studio
A colorful backdrop behind Sunglass Hut's product display

Mr. Brainwash

As an exploration into the anti-establishment art form, French-born, LA-based graffiti artist Mr. Brainwash took to the studio as he would the streets with paint in hand for a result mirroring his art studio’s busy, colorful chaos.

The goal: To create a space to capture the rebellious, fleeting nature of graffiti. 

IDL crafted a blank, white-washed studio, then turned the space over to Mr. Brainwash. An homage to the city’s notoriously private painter, the installation let shoppers in on the artist’s creative process, as well his custom Ray-Ban collection—shades known for their disguising powers.

A TV stack retail prop in Sunglass Hut

Punk It Up

In another iteration of the 15ft x 15ft pop-in shop space, Sunglass Hut put a play on their principle sponsorship of London Fashion Week. In a nod to the London punk scene, Punk-It-Up was a curated space that allowed the customer to immerse themselves in the age of the British punk rock subculture. 

A pop-in shop holiday interior display in Sunglass Hut

Holiday Closet

The final pop-in shop saw Sunglass Hut’s holiday promotion, where the store was outfitted to resemble a luxury walk-in closet, curated by four top fashion bloggers. A custom chandelier made of acrylic discs in the shape of lenses was one of the focal elements of the space. The bloggers included special details like their favorite books, jewelry and plants to give their vignettes a personal, intimate feel. 

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