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PPE face shields produced to date


When IDL first opened our doors in 1943, America was engulfed in WWII. We were contracted to support the war efforts in our earliest days by labeling first aid kits and other military supplies. We have grown and changed immensely in our 75+ years in business and today we find ourselves better equipped than ever to respond to another dire need at hand amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crucial Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies are running out at an alarming rate for front-line healthcare workers and the many others who risk their health and security every day to provide essential goods and services to the public. Additionally, essential retailers are challenged to find solutions for the safety of their customers and employees as they implement social distancing guidelines.

Given IDL’s production capabilities, we have an obligation to address this need and have made significant shifts to our business for the mass production of face shields out of our east and west coast facilities. We have worked tirelessly to design solutions at the lowest price point possible and are eager and ready to support your immediate needs.

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For more information or if you're interested in placing an order for face shields or other PPE, please contact: 

Greg Furlan